Greetings to all in our community,In the darkness, we've found our light. In adversity, we've discovered strength. In chaos, we've unearthed unity. Today, I stand before you, not as a solitary soul, but as a piece of a greater collective, to share some pivotal changes in our shared journey.There's a certain poetry in the ebb and flow of life, in the way that the end of one story makes way for the beginning of another. So it is with our beloved creative partner, Wendy Starfall, who has been the radiant sun around which our community has orbited. The time has come for her to pass the torch, and with her blessing, the mantle of licensor for our content - models, textures, sounds, animations, and source code - will be changing hands.We have seen the shadows cast upon Wendy. Mockery and bullying, trying to dampen her light, have left their mark. They say that a thief is only as good as their opportunity, and her detractors have been quick to seize upon the hurdles she faced in registering her intellectual property. It is a cruel irony of our world that those who dare to create, to bring something new and beautiful into existence, are so often the ones attacked.But in the echoes of their taunts, we found a new resolve. We, who have stood beside Wendy, who have shared in her journey, have decided that no one in our collective should ever stand alone against such adversity.Today, we announce the birth of the Fire Flower Collective, a phoenix rising from the ashes of despair. We are the former colleagues, friends, and allies of Wendy Starfall, coming together not just for her, but for each other, for our shared cause. In this collective, we are not publishers of content, but guardians of creativity, a board of directors not in the conventional sense, but in spirit - rebellious, anarchistic, and true to our roots.Together, we're stronger. Together, we're resilient. Our collective allows us to share the cost, the burden, the responsibility, and the joy of creation. In the face of adversity, we will stand as one. Those who attempt to steal or harm will find themselves not against an individual, but against a collective - a unity bound by shared belief and common cause.In the quiet twilight of change, remember this: each ending is a new beginning. Wendy's light may no longer be the sun around which we orbit, but it remains an integral part of our constellation. As for the Fire Flower Collective, we are but a seed today. Yet, like the fire flower itself, we are ready to bloom brilliantly in the face of adversity, to become a beacon of resistance and resilience in our shared night sky.In darkness and in light,☽ Luna ☾ of the Fire Flower Collective12th May 2023

Code of Conduct for the Astra RegionWelcome to our community!We are an open and diverse space for individuals interested in alternative lifestyles and strive to cultivate a safe and inclusive environment for self-expression and shared interests. To ensure the continued upholding of these values in our community, we kindly request your adherence to the guidelines outlined below.Community StandardsAs a participant in our Second Life region, we expect you to respect the current maturity rating, ensuring that your actions and content create a suitable and respectful atmosphere. Please familiarise yourself with Linden Lab's maturity ratings and community standards to understand the guidelines.Second Life Maturity Ratings:
Linden Lab Community Standards:
Prohibited ActionsDiscourteous Behaviour: Any form of rudeness, abusiveness, or violence will not be tolerated. This includes aggressive, coercive, or demeaning behaviours, especially in response to declined flirtatious advances or unreciprocated interest. Respect for all community members is paramount, and everyone has the right to be in this space without being subjected to uncomfortable or demeaning situations. Any form of intimidation or pressure to engage in unwanted actions or behaviours is a serious breach of this code.Harassment: Harassment, bullying, or shaming of any community member is unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, stalking, spreading rumours, or making inappropriate comments or jokes based on a person's race, gender, religion, age, or disability.Discrimination or Hate Speech: Any act promoting racism, misogyny, homophobia, or any form of gender-based hatred is strictly forbidden. We strongly condemn any rhetoric against ethnic or religious groups, gender identities, or any behaviour that intimidates, threatens, stalks, harasses or makes anyone feel unwelcome or unsafe. Our community enforces a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of violence and hate speech.Inappropriate Avatars: Photorealistic avatars that resemble underage individuals or minors are strictly prohibited to prevent discomfort or confusion within the community. This restriction specifically applies to human-like avatars and does not include avatars depicting creatures, anime characters, dolls, or fae folk. However, any avatar type should not be used to exploit, objectify, or create an uncomfortable environment for others.Explicit Content: Sharing or displaying pornographic, violent, or gory content is unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, obscenity, extreme violence, or disturbing images. Fetishisation or glorification of real-world violence, hate crimes, or other forms of oppression, under the guise of 'roleplay' or 'fantasy', is strictly forbidden.Extreme Content: Usage of any sounds, animations, or visual content propagating religious or political extremism is strictly forbidden. This includes any forms of expression that promote or glorify hatred, violence, or intolerance. The use of 'roleplay' as a cover for spreading extremist ideologies is not acceptable.Invasion of Privacy and Misrepresentation: Sharing, posting, or otherwise distributing chat logs that reveal private conversations, real-life information, or any identifiable details without the explicit consent of all involved parties is strictly prohibited. This also includes altering, misrepresenting, or taking conversations out of context for the purpose of harm, shaming, or any form of personal attack. This extends to maintaining or contributing to blogs or platforms dedicated to bullying or harassing community members. Violations of this guideline are considered gross invasions of privacy and will not be tolerated. We respect the privacy of our members and expect all community participants to do the same.Disruptive Behaviour: Overly loud, repetitive, or annoying actions such as continuous music loops, repetitive gestures, or the use of poofers that disrupt ongoing activities or disturb the peace are not allowed. This does not include the appropriate use of sounds and gestures that aid in self-expression and do not disrupt the community's peace and conversation.Weapon Displays: Equipping weapons or weapon-like props, in particular firearms, is strictly prohibited. Our space is designed to be a peaceful and safe hangout; the display of such items can cause unease among community members and potentially spark unnecessary political debates or conflicts.Spamming: Flooding the chat with repetitive messages, especially those that disrupt ongoing conversations, or sharing content not in line with the community's interest is unacceptable.Toxic Schadenfreude: Delighting in or amplifying others' misfortunes, such as encouraging or engaging in spectacle behaviour during a conflict (e.g., emoting to eat popcorn), is not tolerated. Our community is committed to de-escalating conflicts, supporting those involved, and not treating personal disputes as entertainment. We promote empathy and understanding in all situations and expect all members to contribute to a respectful and supportive atmosphere.Unwanted Promotion: Commercial spam, self-promotion unrelated to our community, bulk distribution of landmarks, unsolicited group invites or conference chats are strictly forbidden. Invitations to other sims or homes should be offered respectfully and only with the recipient's agreement.Non-consensual Roleplay: Any form of non-consensual roleplay or combat activities are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, games and activities such as Progeny, Eternal Conflict, metered Gor, or any other scenarios involving fighting, harming, or 'consuming' other avatars without their explicit consent. Any form of intimidation, threat, or disruptive behaviour associated with these activities is considered a severe violation of our community standards. We do not tolerate the use of non-participating avatars as elements within these games, including actions such as 'cursing', 'blessing', or 'drinking another avatar's blood'. Our community is a place of peace and respectful interaction, and we are committed to maintaining this safe and enjoyable environment for all members.SanctionsViolations of these guidelines will be taken seriously and may lead to sanctions, potentially without prior notice. Sanctions may include warnings, temporary suspensions, permanent bans from our region, or blocking access to our content, depending on the severity of the offence. The purpose of these sanctions is to maintain the safety, respect, and harmony of our community.EnforcementAdherence to this Code of Conduct is expected from all participants. In case of violations, we encourage members to report these to the estate managers, providing any evidence available such as screenshots or detailed accounts of the incident. Please note, the processing of reports is dependent on the provision of such substantiating information.General ClauseThis Code of Conduct is subject to change and may be updated periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Estate managers reserve the right to interpret and enforce these guidelines based on individual judgement, prioritising the safety and respect of our community above all.Modification Date12 June 2023, 05:40 AM UTCWe thank you for your understanding and cooperation in creating a hospitable and engaging community. Enjoy your time, and we look forward to getting to know you!